2020 Chicago International Online Music Competition and Festival


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Admission Round: July 20, 2020

Final Round: July 24, 2020


CIMC 2020

CIMC 2020 Will Be Hosted Online This Year
first annual online cimc event

So many musical events have been canceled or postponed already in 2020 but the CIMC remains committed to the development of talent even in the face of this tragic pandemic. The new ONLINE competition is open to all age groups and the first prize winner receives $5,000 and top prize winners also receive thousands of dollars in prizes including an exclusive recording contract and worldwide concert opportunities!

This year we will offer special prizes for outstanding performances of Chopin, Liszt, and Beethoven. In addition to the competition, we are also offering an online festival with lessons and workshops from our faculty.


CIMC Offerings

Compete on a National and International Level

6 week classes

Showcase Your Talent & Build Your Confidence

12 week classes

Platform to Launch Your Own Successful Career

Online Self Paced


CIMC Judges

The 2020 Chicago International Music Competition is thrilled to announce its jury including some of the greatest pianists and artist teachers in the world such as Sergei Babayan, Alexander Korsantia, Boris Slutsky, and Dang Thai Son.

Dang Thai Son

An outstanding international musician of our time, Vietnamese – Canadian pianist Dang Thai Son was propelled to the forefront of the musical world in October 1980, when he was awarded the First Prize and Gold Medal at the Xth International Chopin Piano Competition in Warsaw. It was also the first time that a top international competition was won by an Asian pianist. 

Since winning the Chopin Competition, his international career has taken him to over forty countries, into such world renowned halls as the Lincoln Center (New York), Barbican Center (London), Salle Pleyel (Paris), Herculessaal (Munich), Concertgebouw (Amsterdam), Opera House (Sydney), and Suntory Hall (Tokyo).  

He will judge the Chopin International Piano Competition in 2020.

Sergei Babayan

Alexander Korsantia

and many more!


About Artista & CIMC

Artista’s mission is to build the confidence of our talented young Vietnamese musicians and artists through music by increasing their competitiveness on an international stage through our music competitions and festivals. We will give Vietnamese youth musicians a chance to compete on a national and international stage and learn about new cultures through music and art.

Artista has worked very hard to bring CIMC preliminary round to Vietnam for the second time from the United States. Artista’s founder Teresa Bui has over 15 years of experience in music education, and selects and curates musical education programs from around the world that fit into the culture of the Vietnamese Aesthetic. Artista’s goal is to provide value and elevate music education in Vietnam, by offering Vietnamese young performers a chance to compete on an international stage.


CIMC Pricing

Admission Round Application Fees

All application fees are non refundable.

A) Instruments / Vocal Solo Category
Amateur Category 3.750.000 VND
Professional Category 6.250.000 VND
B) Chamber / Orchestral Category
Duo / Trio / Quartet 5.000.000 VND
Orchestra 7.500.000 VND
C) Choir
Per Ensemble 7.500.000 VND

Note: Participants must transfer the registration fee and upload the picture of receipt on the Registration form


Competition Round

Participants can record video by themselves as they did for the Admission round. No fee

Festival Online

Fee: 15.000.000 VND

★ Online private lessons with CIMC Faculty members (Three Lessons)

★ Online lectures, discussions, and events led by CIMC Faculty members (Two Lectures)

★ Written comments from Jury members

★ Selected participants will receive scholarship for the festival…

Please contact Artista for more details.


How to Apply to CIMC 2020

1. Complete Online Application

Please fill out the Application form and click SUBMIT button at the end of the form to complete your registration for the competition.

Fields marked with ” * ” are mandatory.

Note:                                                        Admission Round: July 20, 2020
Final Round: July 24, 2020

2. Application Fees

All application fees are non refundable.

Note: Participants must transfer the registration fee and upload the picture of receipt on the Registration form

3. Submit Required Videos

guideSubmit your Videos via YouTube links.

A) Amateur Category, 2 Videos
B) Professional Category, 4 Videos   

Video Recording Instruction

1.Video should have a minimum resolution of 720 pixels.

2.Video format in mp4

3.Video has to start and end in one recording. There must be no stop in the recording between pieces.

4.No editing is allowed.

5.Participant has to show their Identity Card / Passport (the page with personal info) by holding it up facing camera for 5 seconds for verification.

6.Camera distance between 1 to 1.5m to ensure good sound quality.

7.Video angle should be taken from the side (right or left) eg for Pianist: between 0-45 degrees from the piano, showing the performer’s two hands and the full keyboard.

Video Uploading on Youtube Instruction:

Video guide: https://youtu.be/klVWGHtRTuE





1. Amateur Category Repertoire Requirements

Participant must submit two pieces — Free Repertoire

2. Professional Category Repertoire Requirements

Participant must submit at least four solo works–Free Repertoire

To be considered for the Chopin or Liszt special prizes you must submit at least 2 Chopin or 2 Liszt selections. 

To be considered for the Beethoven special prize you must submit at least one complete work of Beethoven.

3. Group Requirements

Participants of all age groups of each division can choose to participate in both solo and ensemble categories.

For example, 

– participants can choose to compete in more than one instrument listed in the application form

– participant can choose to compete in instrument solo, vocal solo, and ensemble division at the same time.

However, participants can only choose either amateur or professional category, not both.



Age Classifications (Solo Instrumental Division)

Age Group


4-6 years old

Young musician I

7-9 years old

Young musician II

10-12 years old

Young musician III

13-14 years old

Young Artist I

15-17 years old

Young Artist II

18 and above

Concert Artist group


Age Classifications (Solo Vocal Division)

Age Group


4-6 years old

Children Singer I

7-9 years old

Children Singer II

10-13 years old

Youth Vocalist I

14-15 years old

Youth Vocalist II

16-17 years old

Youth Vocalist III

18 and above

Concert Vocalist

Note: The age group of vocal participants is based on the average age of all participants.                                                                                                                                  

Chamber Music Division

Age Group


6-12 years old

Young Artist Category

13-17 years old

Youth Artist Category

18 and above

Concert Artist Category

The age requirement of each age group is according to the average age of participants. For example, the average age of Young Artist Category is no older than 12 years. The average age of Youth Artist Category is no older than 17 years. The average age of Concert Artist Category is no older than 28 years.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

Contestants Must Comply To The Following Rules:

  1. Contestants must perform from memory or be disqualified. 
  2. The results of the Final round will be determined by ballot with no discussion among the jury, cast a single time for each age group.  After counting the ballots, the ordered winners within each age group shall be determined.
  3. Competitors are asked to eliminate repeats in most cases.
  4. The decisions of the jury are final. Competitors must accept the results without condition or protest.
  5. The Competition and Artista maintain copyright of all video, audio, and photographs taken during the competition period and retains legal usage rights of video, audio, and photographs.


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